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 Many houses that are coming onto the market are selling very quickly and there has often been multiple interest expressed in homes with closing dates now typically being set. Recent developments, such as Edinburgh Park at The Gyle which amounts to only a 10 minute commute from Livingston, have had an impact at the higher end of Livingston’s housing market.

Given the current level of demand for housing within the Falkirk area, it will come as little surprise to learn that supply is becoming an issue. property valuer is a full administration land, private, mechanical and business Georgia Real Estate Appraisal Firm giving property examination audits, evaluation reports and modern Property Valuation all through the southeast AUSTRALIA examination scope region.

The impact of the housing boom prevalent throughout West Lothian at present far outstrips that of the last property boom of the late 1980s and one of the key factors appears to be home buyers choosing to relocate from Edinburgh to peripheral locations, such as Livingston.

Indeed, with a third of Livingston’s working population already commuting to Edinburgh on a daily basis, it seems that recent developments, such as Edinburgh Park at The Gyle which amounts to only a 10 minute commute from Livingston, have had an impact at the higher end of Livingston’s housing market.

Whilst Livingston has certainly enjoyed periods of high demand before, it has not previously been witness to such steep rises in house prices as those seen over the last two years, and particularly over the last six months.

Whereas Linlithgow emerged as the chief beneficiary of the 1980s housing boom, today’s virtual moratorium on housing development in Linlithgow – the market in Linlithgow is almost as fierce as it is in Edinburgh,fuelled partly by a severe shortage of supply – means that house buyers have been turning their attentions towards Livingston instead.

The market for three bedroom semis appears to be particularly active at present, especially in the Muireston area, where one sold recently for £94,000; a figure that exceeds that of a three bedroom detached home only a year ago.

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This re-emergence in popularity of Falkirk can perhaps be partly attributed to recently improved road and rail links which place the town at the heart of the central belt’s extensive transport infrastructure and makes it easily commutable from both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This has been reflected in terms of the very strong pricing for houses situated within walking distance of Falkirk High station.

Examples of recent sales would show uplifts between 24 and 40 per cent over initial asking prices being achieved as the final sales price. There has been a noticeable lack of price inflation in Falkirk’s housing market which means there are still bargains to be had, particularly for traditional stone villas. It may surprise you to learn that the price differential between a stone built semi in Falkirk and an equivalent property in Stirling would amount to some £100,000; Elsewhere in the housing market, good quality former local authority properties have been selling well, although the traditional tenement sector has struggled of late with many now purchased on a buy to let basis.

There has been a steady supply of executive flats coming onto the local market with a new development nearby Falkirk High station where two bedroom flats priced at £60-£65,000 are reportedly selling well. There are several new build sites coming on stream in Falkirk, ranging from the more modest offerings by the volume builders, to more exclusive, luxury developments.

It has been many years since this has been the case in Falkirk’s housing market and this can only be a welcome sign that the wheel of fortune has turned in the town’s favour. This can in like way be carried out utilizing Online Property Valuation Mechanical get-togethers; at last this indication of valuation gives the dealer a gage to survey any future valuations.

A) Market is characterised by new homes rather than Linlithgow’s traditional stone built villas.

B) Indeed, the housing market in Livingston has undergone a phenomenal change and is now characterised by a huge demand, a limited supply and rising prices.

C)  Similarly, whilst properties going to closing dates with half a dozen notes of interest being expressed might well be commonplace in Edinburgh, they have been rare in Livingston – until now.

D) Because of rapidly escalating prices in Edinburgh, many house buyers are starting to look outwith the capital to set up home and Livingston, in particular, is reaping the benefit.

E) For example, the PFI schools programme has brought the former Woodlands school site and Graeme High School site onto the housing market with Stewart Milne building a mixture of flats and houses at Woodlands.

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Other driving factors likely to play an increasingly important role in the way houses will look in the future are related to green issues. I think we will start to see buildings which consume less energy in their construction via the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

In the future, I think we will see some domestic appliances become increasingly interlinked,  No-one really knows what houses built in 2020 or 2030 will look like. Perhaps the only statement that can be made with any degree of certainty is that we will all still choose to live in houses, whatever that house might look like.

Housing has long been recognised as a major consumer of energy and producer of carbon dioxide and we are likely to see the recent rash of regulations aimed at steering houses towards significant reductions in energy consumption spread further. In addition to more energy efficient boilers and better insulation, the latest drive is towards air tightness tests as a criterion of a house’s energy efficiency. Another technology that’s already being considered, but has yet to impact in any significant way, is the use of grey water, Why do we need to flush the toilet with water pure enough to drink when all we require it to do is to carry away waste? It would be perfectly acceptable, would it not, to collect rainwater, or the water used in a washing machine, and use that for flushing toilets or for watering the garden.

Rather than taking expensive, treated water and literally flushing it down the toilet, it would make more economic and ecological sense to use grey water instead. I think that looking at ways of using water more than once will be a huge focus of effort over the next 50 years or so.

Already there are companies providing operating systems whereby homeowners can remotely control such factors as their central heating, their lights and even switch their oven on and off. A few masters battle that having a sufficiently indicated band can join as much as ten percent to The Real Estate Valuation.

A town which tends to have been overlooked by home buyers in recent years and somewhat overshadowed by such central belt neighbours as Stirling, Dunblane, Linlithgow and Bridge of Allan. The Wheel is perhaps a fitting symbol of resurgence in the economy of Falkirk and its nearby towns .

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Although, theoretically, the supply of office space is being reduced too, because some landlords will opt to sell their properties, developers typically prefer to lease their properties and hold them as investments.

Whilst a preference to buy rather than let clearly reduces the level of demand in the rented sector, this is more likely to have an effect on rental values in the long, rather than the short, term. Increasing demands are likely to be placed on houses become more flexible, so that they will be able to meet the changing requirements of a varying number of occupiers more easily than at the present time.

Housing professionals are often asked to comment on forthcoming trends and to make predictions about how they foresee houses evolving and adapting to meet changing demands placed on them over the coming years. I also think that room configurations within houses will be inclined to have more flexibility so that they will be more readily able to be reconfigured, for example, into an office – and the number of home workers looks set to rise in the future – or more able to accommodate the particular requirements of occupiers with a physical impairment or infirmity.

 In practical terms what such issues could mean is that, rather than occupiers being required to take a sledgehammer and knock down walls, houses of the future will be constructed along the lines of an overall ‘envelope’ within which far more flexible partitioning systems than any that are currently available will be housed.

Hiring   The Right Property Valuer is always an important step in valuation. They play a big role in helping the buyers to get a firm idea about the fair market value of the property in question. Given that demographic trends show no downturn in the gradual increase in average life spans, it is likely that there will be more elderly occupiers living in their own homes and homes will almost certainly change to meet their particular needs.

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It is anticipated that planning consent for the 120-150 acre site – which includes a rail freight terminal to service the south side of the city – will be received by April 2003. If so, then this should go some way towards relieving some of the supply pressures that have been building up in the market for industrial property. The supply of land for industrial development on the north side of Aberdeen, at Dyce, remains hindered by the usual problem of achieving agreement on apportionment of costs and profits etc. that arise whenever several owners are party to a particular development. Whilst the take up of land at Westhill is not currently as high as it has been, primarily because the sites there are large or have retail consent, interest has been shown in a number of smaller sites there.

This trend, of course, acts to reduce the number of potential tenants in the marketplace and so reduces the level of demand.

Indeed, an enquiry has even been received for the development as a whole. In the beach area, work is finally starting on the substantial retail park development which has been on the cards since 1985/86. The outlook for Aberdeen’s commercial and industrial property sector next year, then, appears encouraging with no signs apparent of any forthcoming downturn in activity. The extent to which Scotland has suffered from a recession this year remains open to some debate, though the latest economic statistics appear to provide some cause for comfort. But whatever the true extent of the recession, there seems no doubt that the economic climate has acted to dampen the level of demand within some sectors of the commercial and industrial property sector throughout Scotland.

Yet the present situation, whilst giving cause for some concern, is nowhere near as critical as in the last recession which heralded the introduction of substantial incentive packages in an attempt to persuade tenants to commit to leases.

In common with the office sector, industrial properties too are characterised by slow demand though, again, there is presently no discernible impact on rental levels. At present there’s incredibly some individual Best Property Valuer can provide for you your need. As yet, however, there is no evidence to suggest that the prevailing economic conditions have had any drag effect on rental levels.

It has become clearly evident that, in the smaller office market, there is presently a marked preference for owner occupation over renting that they will be able to meet the changing requirements of a varying number of occupiers more easily than at the present time.